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Our wire harness industry competition analysis


Harness is defined by punching copper from the contact terminals (connectors) after crimping and wire and cable, plastic outside and then applied pressure insulator or metal shell so as to form an assembly connected to the harness strapping circuit. Automotive wiring harness is the main network circuit car, no car circuit harness does not exist. China is the world's largest car manufacturing country, is also the world's largest automotive wiring harness manufacturing countries.

As people improve vehicle safety, comfort, economy and emissions requirements become increasingly complex automotive wiring harness, automotive wiring harness for automobile technical requirements will be higher. Data show that China's annual output has harness million units, sales revenue of more than 100 billion.

In recent years the automobile industry blowout type growth, greatly promoted the development of China's automotive wiring harness production and supporting the market. High-grade, high-quality wiring harness market demand is very broad. At the same time, the wire harness production is labor intensive enterprises, foreign labor is expensive, and our relatively low, it has a strong competitive edge in foreign markets, the market prospects.

China's low labor costs and relatively sound investment environment to attract global automotive wiring harness manufacturers have to invest in China, making China quickly became the world's major automotive wiring harness production base.

China released the report hall "harness industry market research analysis report" shows: With the increasing competition in the automotive market, vehicle prices dropping lower and lower, local production and procurement localization gradually become an inevitable trend, which is the domestic automotive wiring harness manufacturer to provide rare opportunities for development outside.

Currently, the domestic automotive wiring harness companies, mainly in trucks, buses on the market supporting the obvious advantages, the main supporting foreign car market automotive wiring harness companies have obvious advantages. Able to keep up with technology trends, companies can harness the power of all the sustainable development of the source lies.

With the increase of vehicle functions and universal application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components, wire and will be more and more, it becomes harness the heavier crude.

Prospects for the future automotive wiring harness market is vast and harness companies should continue to enhance its own technical standards, in order to harness in the automotive market scale of the process, in a dominant position.


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